J.Kramer, Everett:

Our 15 year old lab-mix, Kozmos, was showing signs of arthritis in his back and hips. He was having trouble getting into the car, walking for any distance, and just getting around. He was starting to become a “grumpy old man.” However, he is in good health for a dog his age. Our veterinarian recommended we call Dr. Okawa about possible laser treatment. What a difference the laser treatment has made in him! He is now able to get into the car, walks much better and faster, and is a much happier dog! Some of our neighbors have noticed a real change in him. They can’t believe it is the same dog! He had a small abrasion on his left front paw between his toes and the bottom pads and was limping badly. With only one 1 minute treatment , by the next morning he was walking as if his foot hadn’t been hurting him. We highly recommend the laser treatment from Healing Arts Mobile Laser for the four legged members of your families.

 Jane, Everett:

Buddy, my boy is a mixed breed and 18 years old. He is healthy except for a little hip problem and arthritis of the spine. Before laser therapy, I was facing loosing him as he had trouble getting up, walking and standing for any length of time. But now he can get up most of the time on his own and has an interest in the things going on around him plus eating and he is starting to put some weight back on. He is a sweet boy and I am thankful that I am able to keep him a little longer.

Shade, Kingston:

Thanks for the laser treatment on Reiki! He ended up getting second place overall with a really great score in protection.

V. Lee, Monroe:

Basil had an injury to his left cruciate 1 year ago. No surgery was done. He favors that leg off and on. After lasering, I didn’t notice any popping or crackling noises when he walks. It is much quieter and I notice that his left leg is positioned more normally when he stands and also when he sits.

Chris, Seattle:

I have a 10 year old Persian mix cat, who had an unexpected accident late one night. While acting like a kitten, she inadvertently stopped short while running and slid head-over-heels into a kitchen cabinet hitting her back/spine in the process. By early the next morning, she was unable to stand up, walk or barely move. After rushing her to the emergency center, an MRI and three days in the hospital, it was discovered that she had significant damage and soft tissue bruising to her T10-13 vertebrates in her back. This is extremely painful and depilating to for a cat as it restricts all movement.

A number of treatments were suggested, in doing research, I found the most effective and least invasive option was for laser therapy. Dr. Okawa came highly recommended from the hospital and from a number of referrals I read/contacted. She returned my call while she was on vacation and when she returned, came to my home for a consult and to set up a treatment plan for Electra. To this point, Electra was on a number of anti-inflammatory and pain medications and confined to a three-by-three gated area to restrict her movement, which was easy since she could not walk. Her pain level was significant. Dr. Okawa immediately started her treatment and scheduled 3 visits to my home the first two weeks, then gradually reduced the number of visits based on progress. After the second treatment, Electra began to attempt to stand and move on her own, slowly and unsteady, but she felt confident enough to try. After the third visit, I stopped the pain medication to be able to try to benchmark the progress, and again, still a bit unsteady, but no complaints about not being on the meds. Within two week, Electra was sitting up, able to walk more soundly, back to her old personality – and complaining 24X7 about being confined in a small space. Now I knew she was getting better!

At her two week check-up at the hospital, the staff was amazed at the level of recovery they were seeing in Electra and her confidence in trying to re-gain full use of her back legs. They saw that she was recovering about 50% faster than a normal cat her age, which I attributed to the Dr. Okawa’s therapy. Now at three months later, the old girl is 90% back, with juste limp still. To continue to aid the six month recovery process that a spinal cord injury generally entails, we continue to do her therapy at two times per month and in my opinion, I will still keep doing monthly maintenance even after the six month suggested period.

Dr. Okawa rocked my world, as a vet, an animal lover, a therapist (both for me and Electra) and a person who understands that bond between a person and their pet. I cannot say thank you enough for all her help and dedication.

Mike, Mill Creek:

I have been bringing Coho to Dr. Okawa for a little over a year. Coho suffered from severe arthritis impacting all her limbs. Since receiving treatment from Healing Arts Mobile Laser Therapy, Coho has been able to maintain her activity while reducing the medication used for treating her arthritis. There have been other benefits noted as a result of these laser treatments. Coho also suffered from epilepsy. Her seizure activity has been dramatically reduced since we started the treatment for her arthritis. This also has allowed us to reduce the medication she takes for epilepsy. I have tried other treatments for Coho with mixed results. These treatments have been the most successful in improving her quality of life, reducing the amount of medication she is on and she really enjoys getting the treatments.

Sara, Redmond:

My 9 year old female boxer, Ruby, was 90% paralyzed in her hind end. In July 2014, Ruby could not walk or stand on her own. X-rays and an MRI diagnosed Ruby as having spinal stenosis and a protruding disc in her lower back. Her regular veterinarian and the surgeon recommended steroids (temporarily) and back surgery for Ruby. I declined both the steroids and back surgery and instead focused on laser treatments with Dr. Okawa. With laser treatment Ruby was able to stand and walk after about 2 weeks. After a month she could do stairs again and was able to play. After about 6 weeks, you would not know she had an issue. She was living a normal life including play, walks, etc. As Ruby improved I removed her pain medication (daily deramaxx and gabapentin). I was also able to stop Ruby’s monthly adequate shots for arthritis in her knees. It is now November 2014 and Ruby remains very stable with continued laser treatments.

‪Marty & Marie, Mukilteo:

We are so grateful! We thought we would have to let Max go to the Rainbow Bridge but these treatments have given us more time with him. He can now move around better and even likes to walk on the beach now! Before he could not stand up long enough to enjoy that! Thank you Dr. Okawa for helping our precious Max.

‪Lyn, Kirkland:

I am so happy and thankful to have met Dr.Okawa who is currently helping me help my baby girl heal up. How lucky am I to go into my vet, and as luck would have it I get Dr.Okawa who offers up her awesome laser in skills. Sioux was able to sleep comfortably, which is a great blessing, especially since she wasn’t wanting to eat anything the first day or two, so that made getting pills in her impossible. If you have any questions or concerns about the potential benefits laser might offer your pet (under many various conditions) I strongly suggest you give Dr.Okawa a call! I’m so delighted with her and her services. Thanks Dr.Okawa!‬‬‬

‪Bill, Kirkland:

Baby Sister has had four treatments now and she’s moving much more fluidly. She’s 15 years old and has arthritis particularly in her left hind leg. Since being treated she’s able to move around much more and does not appear to be in as much pain as she had been. This has been a great result. We’re looking forward to Baby Sister’s continued improvement.‬‬‬

Mike, Mill Creek:

Coho is doing very well after her lasering. She really likes coming to see you. She leaves feeling really good.‬‬‬

Puyallup Rocky, Puyallup:

Thanks Doc I am feeling much better .. No limping after 2nd visit!!‬

Joyce, Puyallup:

Jumpoo is doing much better. He is able to stand up on his back legs and even lift his leg to urinate which he has not done in a while. Also Jumpoo’s legs don’t seem to be shaking as much. This is after 2 treatments. After the third Jumpoo is now running in the yard and now playing with his toys.‬

Denise, Puyallup:

Choteau is in good spirit and seems to be moving easier. I think the frequency of when his leg (knee) hurts, pulls up and he has to sit is better. We have been keeping him pretty calm. But his last two walks he didn’t limp. We are excited to continue treatment‬‬.‬