Dr. Kathryn Okawa grew up in Seattle , Washington and earned her DVM from Washington State University. She has been an associate, owner, educator and relief veterinarian . Healing Arts began after seeing the benefits of laser therapy in a colleagues pet. After completing training and certification , Kathryn opened the mobile service to make it more convenient and available to those pets who have a hard time getting in and out of the car, who don’t do well in a hospital environment or whose owners have a hard time making it into the hospital. In addition to the convenience of a mobile service, Healing Arts can make a difference for pets who aren’t responding to other therapies or can’t utilize the benefits of medical treatment due to side effects or restrictive underlying conditions.

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“Ruby” a 9 year old Boxer, had partial paralysis of the hind legs from a protruding disc of the lower spine.

“Electra” is a 10 year old long hair cat I worked on with a spinal injury

“Coho” is a 10 year old Shepard mix who was treated for generalized osteoarthritis seen here relaxing after a session of laser therapy.